How to Use MetroCast On Demand

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With MetroCast On Demand, you're in control!

When tuning to MetroCast On Demand (see channel lineup for your MetroCast On Demand channel number) you will see the On Demand Application Launch. This on-screen interactive guide will appear different in look and feel than your Digital Program Interactive Guide you are used to when browsing your channels.

On Demand programming is listed in organized categories. Select a category by using your up and down arrow keys on your remote control. You will then see a list of subcategories or a list of programs available.

By using your arrow keys you are able to maneuver around the program categories to find movies or content suited to your interests. Highlight the movie/program selection that you wish to watch and press the OK/Select.

In some instances the choice may provide you a "FREE PREVIEW" option. This allows you the opportunity to watch a short clip of the movie or an advertisement of the movie before you continue through with a purchase.

The other option is to "Order" the movie. With this option, a confirmation window will appear before the order transaction takes place.

Once you have decided to continue with the purchase and have confirmed the order, your selection will start momentarily.

If the movie or content you have chosen is at no cost you will see "Watch" as an option rather than "Order".

Stopping or Pausing a Program

When stopping a program, the program will be stored in the "Saved Programs" Category on the Main Menu page of the MetroCast On Demand Interactive Guide. You will continue to have up to 24 hour access for repeating that movie or program through the
Saved Program Category.

When you Pause a program, it will remain paused on your screen for up to 10 minutes. If you do not press RESUME within that 10 minute period, the program will be saved in the "Saved Program" Category on the Main Menu page.

* Please note: Service not available in all areas.

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