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  • Ordering Pay-Per-View Movies

    How To Order Pay-Per-View:

    Using your MetroCast Interactive Programming Guide (IPG) to select the movie or event you choose to purchase. See below for ordering instructions. There are two ways to order PPV movies or events. You can order at the time of the event or in advance. For security, it is best to create a PPV purchase password.

    To order a movie/event that is starting now:

    • Tune to the event from the QuickSurf
    • Pay-Per-View screen displays with the title, start time, and purchase cost.
    • Select Buy Now to order
    • Enter purchase password

    To schedule a future event:

    • Pick future event from Interactive Guide and press Select or OK on remote control
    • Pay-Per-View screen appears
    • Select Buy This Show to postpone purchase until show time
    • When event is about to begin, you are automatically tuned to that channel and the PPV screen displays.
    • To view the event select Buy This Show, enter purchase password, and enjoy the show.

    For instructions on ordering movies on MetroCast On Demand, click here.