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MetroCast to encrypt (scramble) Basic and Expanded Basic channels for NH customers


MetroCast Communications has announced that it will begin encrypting—or scrambling—its Basic and Expanded Basic video channels for its Rochester, NH-area customers beginning September 28 and October 26 for its Belmont, NH-area customers.  Basic and Expanded Basic channels are already encrypted for Maine-area customers and customers in MetroCast's Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia service areas.

Encryption is a superior, technologically-advanced means of delivering digital video signals to customers. Encryption encodes video programming so that it cannot be viewed without authorization and payment.

"Encryption has been deployed for many years by most video providers, including satellite providers," said Edward Merrill, regional general manager for MetroCast's New Hampshire and Maine systems. "Now, many Basic and Expanded Basic programming networks are mandating in their agreements with video providers that encryption technology be deployed,” he added. MetroCast already had been encrypting its digital tiers, HD cable networks and premium services.

Customers that already have a set-top box, digital terminal adapter (DTA) or a retail Cable CARD™ device connected to each television in their home or business will be unaffected by this change. 

However, customers that have TVs without MetroCast equipment should call 1,800.952.1001 (residential customers) or 1.800.952.1312 (business customers) to arrange for the equipment needed to continue receiving Basic and Expanded Basic video services.   

Residential customers may pick up DTAs, CableCARDS or set-top boxes from MetroCast at its office located at 21 Jarvis Avenue (Rochester) or 9 Apple Road (Belmont):  MetroCast also will offer free shipping of DTAs with easy installation and activation instructions.  Customers may opt for a professional installation by a MetroCast technician at our standard Change of Service fee ($40).

For more information, visit MetroCast.com/upgrades.


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