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How to Protect Your Company from Ransomware Attacks

October 27, 2016
By Andy in Internet

One of the newer types of cyber security breaches affecting companies today is ransomware. This is a virus created by cyber criminals that go into both personal and company online systems and lock them with special codes that can only be unlocked by the hackers themselves. These hackers could demand anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars to unlock systems. If the ransom isn’t paid within the specified timeframe, the password is destroyed and it is impossible to get back into your system. This not only means that you have lost your information permanently, but that private, company information may be further shared outside of your organization.

So what can you do to protect your organization from ransomware? Here are a few easy tips to follow:

  • Provide offline backup for your files. Companies should require that their employees back up their work files, but more importantly, companies should make sure that they are backing up their internal drives as well to ensure optimal protection from malware.
  • Require consistent education of company internet users. Quarterly or biannual education by your company’s IT department, or even outside agencies that specialize in cyber security, creates a company-wide awareness to further protect your employees from cyber harm.
  • Be sure to update your computer operating systems and software. By keeping up with the newest software, you are adding an extra layer to the security of your system.

According to Microsoft’s online Malware Protection Center page*, the same precautions that apply to malware apply here, too: Don’t click on a link on a webpage, in an email, social media site, or in a chat message unless you absolutely trust the page or sender. PC Magazine discusses how websites posting advertisements for profit purposes, can unknowingly open up the user’s system without the user having any idea, creating an opening for hackers. (Brant, 2016)**

For more helpful tips on how to protect yourself from cyber security issues, click here:

*Microsoft Malware Protection Center:

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