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Fiber Network Solutions

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The connectivity you want. The reliability you need.

Our 3,600-mile, high-capacity, 100% fiber-based network offers a complete suite of MetroCast Ethernet products including Dedicated Internet Access, Data Connectivity, and Advanced Phone Solutions such as Private Line and LAN and Digital Business Trunking.

Rapid Data Transport

The MetroCast Network allows businesses, organizations and governmental entities to easily and securely transfer data over a robust, reliable network.

Our Network offers:

  • 100% fiber backbone
  • 10, 30 and 100 Gbps transport
  • Major East Coast Peering Centers
  • Redundant and diverse paths
  • Self-healing route protection

Optimal Routing

The fiber Network is connected to large, strategic East Coast Peering Centers to ensure that data is being optimally routed across our fiber backbone.

Peering Centers are located in the key markets of:

  • Boston, MA
  • Washington, DC

Metrocast Fiber Solutions

MetroCast Meets Mission-Critical Needs

“When MetroCast came in with the fiber correction for us at Smartronix, it was light year’s difference.”
Steve Bishop, Director of Engineering Solutions, Smartronix

Fiber not available in all areas. Please ask your MetroCast Service Representative for details.