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Bill Pay FAQs

There are multiple options available for making payment on your MetroCast bill.  MetroCast accepts payments by mail, at its payment centers, online at, and through our automated pay-by-phone option, all at no charge.  Note that a Live Agent Convenience Fee of $7.50 per occurrence is charged for payments made by phone through a MetroCast representative.   

When paying by phone, select the option for “Billing” and then Option 1 to utilize our automated system.  The system is easy to use and will prompt you through the steps required to complete your payment.  



We’re sorry if you have experienced any problems with your bill or our service. Please contact us, as we are eager to respond quickly to any concerns you may have.

If you ever move out of our service area, please leave any and all equipment with us.  A prompt return of the equipment is necessary for us to close your account.  A MetroCast representative will be happy to explain disconnect procedures.

To find out about your new service provider after your move, visit, call the CableMover Hotline at 1-844-579-5678 or enter your new address at the bottom of this page (

Online Bill Pay is free.  If you decide to view and pay your bill through another electronic service or home banking software, a fee may be charged by that provider.

Once you have entered your account number and confirmed your identity, we will verify that the information you submitted matches the primary account holder's information we have on file.  This information must match exactly in order to be approved for the service.

There can only be one login and password per MetroCast Account. The primary account holder’s information would be the only way to access the Bill Pay system. However, payments can be made using multiple credit cards or payment methods.

It depends on when you enrolled.  An email notification will be sent to you once your online statement is available.  Until you receive this notification you should pay the amount due on your paper statement.

From the time you complete your registration, you will accumulate up to 6 months of electronic bills.  You may print your electronic bill at any time in order to retain a printed statement, or select the option of paper and online statements to continue receiving both. 

You can schedule one time or recurring payments with either a bank account, credit card, or debit card.

Yes, you may pay your bill outside of Online Bill Pay program.  Please note that any payment you make in this matter will not be reflected on your Online Bill Pay account as being paid until the following billing cycle.

Yes, a confirmation screen will appear summarizing your payment request.  You can also view your pending transactions.

A payment transaction is completed only once you've received a confirmation page.  All transactions are generally lost when your session is terminated for any reason.  If you are unsure if your payment request has been processed, before making another payment, check for pending payments.

Please call us. Our contact information is available on the Customer Support page.

If you make one time payments, you will be prompted to enter your financial information for each payment.  If you are set up for recurring payments, you may modify your financial information by clicking on Pay Bill and then selecting the Recurring Payment option.

You may change your password by clicking on My Profile, then on Change Password.  You will be prompted for your new password.  If you would just like to change your password, please click the "forgot your password" link on the login page.

Please click here for a printable version of the Terms and Conditions.

Please click on My Profile, then on Unregister.  If you have a recurring payment set up, you will need to make a decision on whether to continue that service.  By cancelling, you will no longer receive electronic statements.

If you cancel Online Bill Pay, your payment and electronic statement history will be purged.

Yes, cancellation is effective immediately.

The credit card number or bank account information is masked on payment screens except when a new payment is being entered and verified.  Also, the web site does not store one-time or recurring payment information online.  

If you enter your payment each month, it will process on the day you enter it.  If you are setting up an automatic recurring payment, our billing system will apply your payment 10 days after the bill prints.