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Disney SVOD FAQs

Disney Family Movies is a subscription video on demand family-friendly programming package available on MetroCast On Demand. For $5.99 per month customers will get 12 animated shorts and movie titles at any given time, 2 programs will be replaced with ‘new’ programs every week, for 24 Disney selections per month. Selections will be a mix of vault classic movies, contemporary films, animated shorts, and other Disney selections. This is a great add-on for families! With the power of On Demand, customers can watch anytime, as often as they want, plus they can pause, rewind and fast-forward using nothing more than their remote!

Customers ordering this monthly subscription can watch all the movies within the package anytime they want, as often as they want for one low price of just $5.99 per month.

Customers can call their local MetroCast Office and ask for this service to be turn on at their home. Monthly subscriptions will automatically renew and can be cancelled at anytime by calling your local MetroCast Office. After the servcie subsciption has been ordered you can select the Disney Family Movies subscription on their local MetroCast On Demand Channel under the “Premium” category.

To cancel a subscription to the Disney Family Movies Video On Demand package the cusotmer will have to call a MetroCast customer service representative and request the cancellation.

Disney Family Movies will be updated every two weeks where two titles will change giving customers eight new titles a month. This ensures the titles can be watched repeatedly, but new content is constantly available.

Many of the favorite classic Disney movies will be available each month; movies will not be brand new or recently released movies. The selections will be a mix of movie titles, classic animated shorts, and other Disney programming.