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General FAQs

In the event that your cable is out, please contact the Customer Service Department. Before calling please check that the electricity is on, the television is plugged in, and the television is on the correct channel if you have a converter or a VCR hooked up.

Cable theft is a federal crime.  Please notify MetroCast if you have reason to believe that someone is obtaining unauthorized services or distributing equipment intended to receive these services.  Please note that you do not need to disclose your identity to report cable theft.

You can request a channel at any time for our review. Click Here and fill out our Channel Request Form.

Yes, you may block channels through the parental control option on the Interactive Guide.

MetroCast video, internet and phone are subscription services and therefore are billed in advance. This differs from metered services such as electricity or gas that are billed based on use. Exceptions to this are On Demand titles and PPV events, which are billed after your order.

Yes, you can pay your bill through our Online Payment Center (click here).

Come into the office for a new one. Please note that in the event you have lost your remote and you have had our service over 90 days there will be a minimal charge for a new remote.