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MetroCast Digital Phone

MetroCast Digital Phone uses a broadband connection rather than a traditional (analog) line to make unlimited local and long distance telephone calls placed in the U.S. and Canada. 

Each time you log in to retrieve your MetroCast Phone voicemail messages, you receive an alert stating that these messages will be stored for 45 days before they are deleted from your mailbox.  New messages are available for 45 days before being automatically deleted from your voice mailbox.

If you have activated a feature that forwards voicemail messages to you by email, you may archive the voicemail message to your computer by right-clicking on the .wav audio file and saving it to the folder of your choice.


Yes, you can transfer your current phone number to MetroCast Digital Phone service. Our trained customer service representatives can do a simple verification prior to installing your Digital phone service. You will still be able to make and receive calls exactly the same way you do today.

With MetroCast Digital Phone, you have unlimited local and long distance calling (in the U.S. and Canada) anytime all for one low price.  You can keep your existing home phone number and easily manage your account online.  Plus, you have access to popular calling features (such as call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, voicemail, speed dialing, anonymous call rejection and more) that are included with your phone subscription.

Yes, If you keep your current phone number, you do not need to contact your current service provider. MetroCast will contact your current provider after your Digital Phone installation has been completed. If you receive a new phone number from MetroCast, then you will need to notify your existing service provider to disconnect your current phone service.

VoIP services use an Internet connection to transmit your call. This may cause call quality issues such as echo, crackling and voice hesitations. With MetroCast Digital Phone service, you will have reliable service with superior call quality. 

MetroCast Digital Phone will work with most monitored and unmonitored alarm systems. Our installation technicians will install your Digital Phone service and work with you and your alarm company to test your security system before and after the installation.

Please call your local MetroCast office and speak with a customer service representative in the event that you have a question on your Digital Phone bill.

No. MetroCast Digital Phone provides you with unlimited local and long distance calling at anytime day or night (additional per minute charges apply to any call placed outside of the US.)

Safety and security is top priority and with Digital Phone service, you are provided enhanced 911 service which sends your telephone number and address information to a local 911 dispatcher if 911 is dialed from your home. If there is a power outage, MetroCast Digital phone service and E911 access will still be available due to a battery back up in the modem which is installed in your home. Please keep in mind that cordless phones which plug into an electrical outlet will not function during a power outage. Be sure to have at least one corded phone in your home in case of a power outage. *If there is a network outage or a downed cable line in your area, Digital Phone service and E911 service may be interrupted until the necessary repairs can be made. This is the same with your current telephone provider today if your telephone drop was to be compromised in any way or there was a system related problem in your provider’s network

Yes.  You can use your existing answering machine if you choose to. You will not have a MetroCast voicemail account unless you activate it.

Yes, MetroCast offers collect calling in its NH, ME, PA, MD and VA locations.  

To place a collect call, please dial 888-330-0682.

Yes! MetroCast residential and business customers have the ability to print their call detail records. When you log into our Phone Management Portal and click on the “calls” tab for your number(s), you will see text “export to..” and the choice of using either txt or pdf formats to download. You can print your call records monthly or at your leisure.