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Business Video

Video packages for business bring customers back for more good times!

Sorry, we do not service your area - If you are in a MetroCast service area, please enter the zip code of the service location.

[4] CableCARD, DTA, digital converter or digital ready television set with QAM tuner (not provided by MetroCast) is required to view all channels. [5] A subscription to Basic and Expanded Basic is required for Public View Establishments. [6] CableCARD or digital converter required. [7] Digital Basic required. [8] HD equipment required. [9] Not available for Public View Establishments. [10] Digital converter required. [11] Pricing based on Fire Code Occupancy and subject to review. Additional fees may apply. In the event of a video service outage lasting 24 or more consecutive hours, the affected subscriber must notify us to receive a credit or refund within 30 days after the qualifying outage. ^Each customer billing statement for video services (whether stand-alone or as part of a bundle of services) will include a Broadcast TV Fee to defray the rising cost of Retransmission Consent fees that local broadcasters have chosen to charge MetroCast. For customers who subscribed to video services on a promotional or contract basis prior to March 2014, the Broadcast TV Fee will be applied at the end of the promotional period at the then-current rate. Prices shown are for business service only. Franchise fees, taxes and other regulatory fees not included in above pricing. Some services may not be available in all areas. All prices are monthly charges unless otherwise indicated. Prices and services are subject to change. Additional equipment charges may apply. Federal law requires a subscription to Basic Service to receive any other levels of service of video programming.