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The MetroCast DTA Guide

We're pleased to introduce a new on-screen Program Guide for customers with Digital Terminal Adapters (DTAs). It's high tech, but simple and easy to use, so you'll get the most out of your MetroCast video service.  

 See what's on with a touch of a button and get up to 24 hours of detailed program information - all while keeping your current channel in view.

  • TV listings grid with program descriptions, channel numbers and networks
  • Program Start and end times
  • View up to 90 minutes at a time
  • Programs color-coded by category
  • Find out what's On Now and what's On Next
  • Program ratings
  • Parental Control options, including program blocking by movie/TV ratings or channel and the ability to hide adult titles
  • Continue to watch TV while using the Guide
  • Closed Captioning (HD DTAs only)
  • Designed for Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) DTAs


Welcome to Your New DTA Guide

Find what to watch quickly and explore programming right from your remote control that came with your DTA. Get instant information on what you are watching and move onto other screens using the guide's intuitive browsing experience. 

Using Your DTA Remote Control to Navigate

Important Note: The navigation functions for the Program Guide will depend on the particular model of remote control that came with your DTA, Some remotes have numbers, while others have arrow keys (see below for examples):

For Remote Control with No Arrow Keys:  

  • The numbers on the remote function as arrow keys.  2 (up), 8 (down), 4 (left), 6 (right).  
  • The bottom of your screen will also provide prompts for how to return to the Guide (Info), Settings (9) and View Help (0).
  • Note that the default setting for the Help overlay is set to ON.  You can turn off the Help Overlay under Settings/General Setup/Remote Help Display.
  • The Help Overlay offers assistance in using the functions of the remote control keys. Note: Pressing 0 anywhere within the guide will toggle the Help Overlay on and off.
  • Turning the Default Help Overlay Off
    • Press INFO.
    • Press 9 (Settings)
    • Press 8 (down) to highlight General Setup
    • Press 6 (right) for Options
    • Press 8 (down) until Remote Help Display is highlighted,
    • Press 6 (right) then 8 (down) to highlight Disable
    • Press 5 (OK) to select.


Click on your style of remote control from the images shown below to view a Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for your unit. 

(Note that instructions are the same for the two remotes on the right, even though the Reference sheet uses the center remote image)

Key Features of Your New Guide

On Now/On Next Banner

Get instant information on what's currently playing and what's coming up next.

Accessing What's On Now

  • Change CHANNELS +/- keys while watching TV, or
  • Press INFO while watching TV


Accessing What's On Next

  • Press the RIGHT (6) button to see what’s 'On Next'
  • ON NEXT will become highlighted in Orange
  • Press LEFT (4) to return to what’s 'On Now'


Browsing other Channels

  1. To browse programming on other channels use the UP and DOWN buttons. The On Now/On Next Banner will display information for that channel
  2. Use the LEFT (4) and RIGHT (6) to toggle between what's 'On Now' and what's 'On Next'
  3. To tune to a program airing now, press OK/Enter


TV Listings Grid

Access seven channels of TV listings at a time, with a 90 minute view of each. Browse up to 24 hours of continuous program information.

Accessing the TV Listings Grid

  • Press GUIDE/INFO while watching TV
  • Press INFO from the On Now/On Next Banner


Program Types and Colors

  • Orange - Active Selection
  • Blue - General Programs
  • Green - Sports
  • Magenta* - Kids
  • Purple - Movies


Browsing the TV Listings Grid

  1. Assess the TV Listings Grid.
  2. Use the arrow (or number) keys to move UP(2), DOWN (8), LEFT (4) and RIGHT (6) through the grid one program or channel at a time.
  3. Use the PAGE +/- keys to page up and down through the guide (seven channels at a time).
  4. Highlight a program and quick info will display in the upper left hand corner of the screen.


Tuning From the TV Listings Grid
Highlight a program airing now and simply press OK (5)/Enter on the remote control to tune to that channel.

Program Information Screen

The Program Information Screen gives you in-depth information on TV shows, movies, sports events and more. Data may include synopsis, rating, broadcast channel, time slot, series information, and production year. Your current program will continue to display in the scaled video view in the upper right hand corner.

Accessing the Program Information Screen

  • Press INFO from the TV Listings Grid



  • Press LAST to return to the TV Listings Grid
  • Press 5 to access Parental Control


Parental Controls

Set viewing restrictions by channel and rating. Locked programs cannot be viewed until the assigned PIN is entered.

Setting Up Your PIN

  1. Press MENU on the Remote Control.
  2. Press OK/Enter. A pop-up window. appears for initial PIN setup.
  3. Enter a 4 digit PIN of your choice.
  4. The guide will prompt you to confirm your PIN again.
  5. Once confirmed, the status column will read Set.


Locking By Ratings And Channels

  1. Press MENU (or INFO) on the Remote Control.
  2. Press RIGHT to highlight the second column. Enter the 4 digit PIN.
  3. Press DOWN to highlight Channels, Movie Ratings or TV Ratings. The third column will populate with a rating or channel list. A lock or unlock icon will appear next to each
  4. Press RIGHT to access the third column.
  5. Use the UP and DOWN to navigate the list.
  6. Highlight the desired channel or rating and press OK/Enter to initiate the lock. The lock icon will appear.
  7. If the lock is already set, you can press OK/Enter to unlock. The icon will change to unlocked for ratings, or be removed for channels.



In General Setup, you can select different language options for the Guide's display text as well as hear audio in other languages (if available) when watching a program.

Accessing General Setup

  • Press MENU on the Remote Control.
  • Press DOWN to highlight General. Setup.
  • Press RIGHT to move to the second column.
  • Display (Text) Language: The default language is shown. In this area you can change the language of the menus and overlays. The third column will list the options available. Press RIGHT to access.
  • Audio Language: Press DOWN for options to change the language soundtrack (when available). The third column will list the options available. Press RIGHT to access.


Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What is the new MetroCast DTA Guide?
A. The DTA Guide is an Interactive Program Guide for Digital Terminal Adapters (DTAs) available for both SD and HD DTA boxes. The guide has popular features like TV listings by time, program information and parental controls.

Q. What are the key features of the Guide?

  • Program Information: The DTA Guide lists synopsis, ratings, start and end times, cast info and more for most programs. The current program can be viewed in the upper right hand corner of the screen while you are browsing.
  • User-Friendly TV Listings Grid: The Rovi DTA Guide contains up to 24 hours of continuous programming within an easy-to-read full-screen grid. The guide displays up to a 90-minute view at a time, with color-coding to easily discern program type.
  • Parental Controls & Settings: Parental controls are embedded throughout the guide, allowing access to restrict viewing by channel and/or rating. The guide also supports multiple languages - including English and Spanish - for display text and audio.


Q. How is the HD DTA Guide design different from the SD DTA design?
A. The design and functionality is exactly the same, but displays in the wide-screen 16:9 HD format (stretched). Two additional Settings features are added for HD DTA boxes: HDMI resolution setup, and Closed Captioning setup.

Q. What are the HDMI Settings?
A. When you connect an HD DTA box to your HDTV, the HDMI setting will be default to “Auto”, which means the setting will automatically adjust to the best resolution the TV has. You can adjust this setting manually to any of the following options by selecting Menu on the remote, then HDMI Setup:

  • Auto
  • 1080i normal 480p (16:9)
  • 1080i wide 480p (4:3)
  • 720p normal 480i
  • 720p wide


Q. What are the Closed Captioning Settings?
A. The Rovi HD DTA provides extensive options for you to adjust the CC settings based on your preferences. The default setting is OFF. You can turn on CC, and adjust the setting you prefer by selecting Menu on the remote, then Closed Captioning:

Auto – provides CC when available by the content provider in the default format

Custom – allows you to customize how text appears on screen based on your preferences

  • Font style, size, color and opacity
  • Font edge style and color
  • Background color and opacity
  • Window color and opacity (when utilized by content provider)


Q. How do I access the Guide?
There are three ways to access the guide using the remote control: select GUIDE, press the 'Channel Up' or 'Channel Down' buttons, or select INFO.

  1. GUIDE: Selecting the GUIDE button takes you to the TV Listings Grid, with up to 24 hours of programming data for the channel lineup associated with your cable service. The screen shows seven channels at any given time with 90 minutes of programming for each.
  2. CHANNEL UP/DOWN: Changing the channel with the 'Channel Up' and 'Channel Down' buttons will instantly pull up an On Now/On Next banner, with a panel of information on what's playing now and what's coming up next. Press the GUIDE button to access the TV Listings Grid.
  3. INFO: Pressing the INFO button once brings you to the On Now/On Next banner with its panel of program information. Pressing INFO again (or pressing it quickly twice while watching TV) will bring you to the TV Listings Grid. Press INFO once more (or press INFO quickly three times while watching TV) and you'll be on the Program Info Screen.


The On Now/On Next Banner

Q. What kind of information is listed on the On Now/On Next Banner?
A. The On Now/On Next Banner loads on the bottom of the screen in an easy-to-read panel over live TV when you change channels or press the INFO Button. The top panel displays the channel number and the call letters, and an orange highlight indicates whether the information being displayed is what's 'On Now' or what's 'On Next.' By default, the banner always loads with 'On Now' information.

Below the top row you'll find information about the program: the title, start/end times and a short synopsis that also may include category and cast info (when available.) The last 'row' of information includes navigational elements and configuration options.

Q. How do I toggle between what's ON NOW and what's ON NEXT?
A. While the On Now/On Next banner is on screen, press the RIGHT button on the remote control. The On Next section will be highlighted and information will refresh into the second row for what's 'On Next.' To revisit the information for what's 'On Now,' press the LEFT button.

Q. Can I browse the On Now/On Next Banner on other channels without interrupting my current program?
A. Yes. Instead of using the Channel +/- button, use the UP and DOWN buttons. The On Now/On Next banner will display information for that channel without interrupting your current program. If you'd like to tune to the channel you are browsing, press OK from the On Now Banner.

TV Listings Grid

Q. What is the TV Listings Grid?
A. The TV Listings Grid is a full-screen guide that displays up to 24 hours of programming info. The grid gives you information for seven channels at a time with 90 minutes of programming for each. Live TV is in view at the top of the screen in a scaled video view.

Q. What do the colors represent on various programs?
A. The Rovi DTA Guide provides a quick way to tell what kind of program is in the listing by using colors for the following genres:
•    Orange: Active Selection
•    Blue: General Programs
•    Green: Sports
•    Magenta: Kids
•    Purple: Movies

Q. How do I navigate the TV Listings Grid?
A. It's simple to browse programs in the TV Listings Grid in several different ways. Press the GUIDE button to access up to 24 hours of program listings information for your channel lineup. Use your arrow keys (up, down, left, right) to navigate the grid. Press OK for a currently airing program, and tune to that channel. Please note: the Rovi DTA Guide does not display programs in the past.

Q. What type of information is displayed for programs on the TV Listings Grid?
A. The information for each selection refreshes in the upper left hand corner with the title, brief synopsis and category.

Q. Can I tune from the TV Listings Grid?
A. Yes, if the program is currently airing. Simply press OK to tune and change the channel on the program that you are browsing.

Program Information Screen

Q. What information does the Program Information Screen contain?
A. The Program Information Screen gives you the details about a selection. Information may include a synopsis, the rating, channel and call letters, time slot, series information, cast, production date and duration of program. It also gives you the ability to set an easy one-step parental lock on the channel or rating.

Q. How do you access the Program Information Screen?
A. You can access the Program Information Screen by hi hlighting a program in the TV Listings Grid and pressing INFO. Or press INFO 3x from Live TV.

Q. How do you return to the TV Listings Grid?
A.  Press LAST or GUIDE to return to the TV Listings Grid.

Parental Controls

Q. How do Parental Controls work?
A. Parental Controls allow you to set viewing restrictions by channel and/or rating, and can be set from either the Settings menu or the Program Information Screen. Before Parental Controls are used, you must set up a PIN (Personal Identification Number).

Q. How do I set up my PIN?
A.  Press MENU on the remote control. Parental Controls will be the default. Press RIGHT to Set PIN. A pop-up window appears. Here, you enter a 4 digit PIN of your choice. The system will prompt you to confirm your PIN again.

Q. What can I control with Parental Controls?
A. You can lock programs by channel, ratings and also hide titles that may have adult themes. These options are all controlled in the third column of the Parental Control menu.

Q. What are the lock/unlock options?
A. The lock icon indicates the selected item is 'locked' and requires a PIN for access. The unlock icon indicates the selected icon is 'unlocked' and the channel or program may be viewed.