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MetroCast Closed Captioning

For immediate assistance with Closed Captioning in the following areas
please call, fax or email the following:


Phone: 800-952-1001
Fax: 603-524-5190
Email Customer Service


Phone: 800-633-8578
Fax: 570-802-5640
Email Customer Service


Phone: 877-959-4862
Fax: 301-373-3757
Email Customer Service


Phone: 877-959-4863
Saluda: 804-758-1215
Kilmarnock: 804-435-1569
Mathews: 804-725-1149
Burgess: 804-453-4726
Warsaw: 804-333-1317
Colonial Beach: 804-224-9616
King George: 540-775-5313
Bowling Green: 804-633-7329
Email Customer Service

Email Customer Service

Written Complaints

Written complaints may be sent to:
Fax: (610) 993-1100

Or mailed to:
Ryan F. Pearson
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Harron Communications, L.P.
70 East Lancaster Avenue
Frazer, PA 19355

If you have questions about a written complaint, you can reach Mr. Pearson by calling (610) 993-1077. PLEASE NOTE: This number should only be used in connection with written closed captioning complaints. Immediate concerns should be directed to the number(s) listed above.

Closed Captioning FAQ's

Is closed captioning available on all MetroCast channels?
Closed captioning is provided on most networks provided on the MetroCast channel lineups. MetroCast works with programmers to ensure that closed captioning is provided on all networks as required, and that we are meeting and providing the appropriate level of service to all our customers. Whereas most networks will provide closed captioning, not all programs on each network may be closed captioned.

Why is closed captioning not available on MetroCast On Demand?
Programming that first appeared before January 1, 1998 is not required to provide closed captioning. New programming networks do not have to provide closed captioning for their first four years of service.