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  • BlackBerry Mail Setup

    1. Click on the "Setup" icon (picture looks like a BlackBerry phone with a gear on it)
    2. In the setup section, click the "Email Accounts" icon.
    3. Select what type of new email you wish to create (Yahoo,Gmail,AOL) For setting up a MetroCast email they will need to select "Other".
    4. In the Email Address please type in your MetroCast email address, then type in your Password and press "Continue".
    5. After you press "Continue", the BlackBerry will try testing the server and if it was successful you will get a message asking for a description. If unsuccessful please go to troubleshooting section.
    6. Type a description for your MetroCast account, example; MetroCast and push "Done"
      1. If "Looking up connection information fails" push on "Advanced" at the bottom of the screen
      2. Tap on "POP"
      3. "Server Address" will be or pop.[state] if applicable
      4. "Port" will be 110
      5. "Use SSL" is Off
      6. "SMTP Username" is your full e-mail address
      7. "SMTP Password" is your e-mail password
      8. "SMTP Server Address" is either or smtp.[state] if applicable
      9. "SMTP Port" is 465
      10. "SMTP Encryption" Set to SSL or On
      11. When finished push "Done"
      12. Type a description for your MetroCast account, example; "MetroCast" and push "Done"
      13. When your email address is setup correctly, you will receive a confirmation message. To view and manage your email messages, on the home screen, click the Messages icon