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  • MetroCast Email Accounts

    The following information is designed to provide more information about your new email address, and is related to MetroCast email addresses only. MetroCast internet packages come with either 2 or 5 complimentary email addresses, with additional email addresses available for a small fee.

    Unused Email Accounts

    Email accounts that are not accessed for over one year are subject to permanent removal from the system. This allows us to free up popular email addresses so that new customers may have them. Accounts that are not checked for 90 days are disabled. You can check the email address through our website to restore any lost functionality.

    Email Storage

    The MetroCast email system is not meant for permanent storage of email. The system is designed to store email only until you are able to retrieve it. Therefore, any unread email messages that are left on the system for over 120 days are subject to deletion. It is suggested that the customer use a permanent email program such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, or any other local email client.

    Email Lists/Mass emails

    Residential and Business customers using a dynamically assigned IP address can send an email addressed up to 100 recipients and each email can be up to 50MB in size. Business customers using a reserved or static IP address can send an email addresses to up to 500 recipients and each email can be up to 75 MB in size.

    Email Space

    Each email account has a total available space of 1GB on our email server and can contain a maximum of 16,384 emails. When this quota is reached, email will not be delivered to the account that is past its quota. An automated email, via our spam protection server will be sent when the quota is at 90% that will direct you on how to retrieve those emails from our mail server.

    Spam Protection Server

    MetroCast currently has a spam protection server in place to protect your email address. You may see emails come in from our spam protection server (Proofpoint Server) from time to time. If you receive an email from, its is probably an end user digest containing the email our spam protection server has blocked. We give you the opportunity to "release" any emails that have been wrongly quarantines though this email. You can also add safe email addresses and block certain unwanted email adresses. There is also an option to change your spam settings via this email. Learn more about Spam Protection. If you need help of have any questions, feel free to contact or technical support staff at any time.

    Password Changes

    If you wish to change your password, you can visit and enter your existing email address and password, and then change the password to a new one. You may also visit, then select the link on the bottom of the form to change your password. In the event you forget your password, you will need to contact technical support for assistance with changing your password. You can find the appropriate technical support toll free number for your region here:

    Standard Email Configuration Information

    Your email client should be configured for SSL ENCRYPTION and NO AUTHENTICATION, and your User/Account Name is your entire email address (i.e. POP and SMTP Server Settings are defined below and based on the state in which your account resides.

    New Hampshire & Maine


    Email Quotas

    E-mail settings at a glance:

    Incoming Server Settings:

    POP Server Address: or pop.[state] if applicable
    Incoming Port: 110
    SSL: No
    Full E-mail Address for Username: Yes
    E-mail Password Required: Yes

    Outgoing Server Settings:

    SMTP Server Address: or smtp.[state] if applicable
    Outgoing Port: 465
    SSL: Yes
    Full Email Address for Username: Yes
    E-mail Password Required: Yes

    Note: The [state] is abbreviated for pop.[state] and smtp.[state]

    Example: and would be for Pennsylvania.
    Maine and New Hampshire have no [state] abbreviation.

    If you would like to speak to a technical support representative about your email account, please find the appropriate toll free number here