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    Digital Video Recorder FAQs

    DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. The DVR allows you to control television. It will digitally record, store, and playback all your favorite programs. You can also control live TV with features such as record, rewind, pause, and instant replay.

    Yes. There is a low monthly fee for the DVR.

    There is no equipment to buy, however, there is a monthly fee.

    No. If you already have Digital Cable or the High Definition box, the DVR will replace both boxes. The DVR is a digital, high definition, and DVR converter all in one!

    Yes. The DVR is both a Digital and High Definition converter in one.

    Contact your local MetroCast Customer Service Center and one of our representatives will schedule a convenient appointment for you.


    Yes. You can get a DVR for any TV that has digital cable. But, each TV requires its own converter box.

    You can keep your recording for as long as you'd like as long as space is available.

    You can record up to 90 hours of digital and analog programming (please note that recording capacity may vary based on equipment).

    Yes. As long as you were on that channel at the start of the program and stayed there, it will record it from the beginning.

    No. The DVR will only record from the time you begin to record the channel.

    You will not lose any saved information such as scheduled recordings or programs already recorded. The only things you will lose are those programs that were scheduled to record at the time the power went out.

    Yes. Simply go to record options and adjust the end time to run over for up to 3 hours.

    Yes. When you set up a program to record, you'll have the option to "record entire series."

    Yes. The DVR from MetroCast has two tuners. Therefore, one can be tuned to one channel that’s being recorded and the other tuner can be on a different channel you are watching.

    Yes. Again, the two tuners allows for this feature. You can record two channels and watch a third pre-recorded program.