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    DTA (Digital Terminal Adapter) FAQs

    “QAM” refers to “quadrature amplitude modulation.” An internal QAM tuner television can directly receive “unencrypted” or “clear” digital cable channels without the use of a set-top box. “Encrypted” digital cable channels, however, must be unscrambled with a digital set-top box, digital terminal adapter (DTA) or CableCARD. Most televisions manufactured after 2006 are equipped with a QAM tuner, but your television owner’s manual should indicate whether your particular model is equipped with a QAM tuner. If you cannot tell from the owner’s manual, you can also tell from the format of the channel numbers on the TV. When the “auto program” or “auto tune” function is activated on a QAM tuner television, channels will be presented in format which contains a decimal/dot or dash. For example, MetroCast customers in Connecticut with a QAM tuner TV will view WVIT (NBC-30) in standard definition on QAM channel 4.1, while the HD signal for the same channel can be found on 4.2.

    MetroCast now delivers its channels in an all-digital format, bringing you improved picture quality and superior sound quality that only digital can deliver. This enhancement also provides more bandwidth for the future launch of more HD channels, more Video On Demand (VOD), faster Internet speeds, and new advanced products and services.

    You do not need digital equipment if you have a Digital television with a QAM tuner.  If you do not have a Digital television with a QAM tuner, you may choose a MetroCast Digital Converter or DVR (Digital Video Recorder), a Digital Terminal Adapter (DTA) or a CableCARD.

    1. Up to two (2) digital adapters (DTAs) or CableCARDS are available at no charge.  Additional DTAs or CableCARDS are available for $1.95 per month. 
    2. HD-DTAs also are available as an option for $3.95 each per month. 
    3. We can ship the equpment to you.  There is no charge for shipping your order, and it is easy to install and activate. 
    4. Professional installation is available for an additional charge.

    The size of a DTA is about 4 x 5 inches. Unlike a digital converter, DTAs will not provide any interactive or advanced services such as Video On Demand (VOD) or interactive program guides. Digital Converters are the traditional “cable boxes” with which you are familiar. These converters allow you to view premium channels, utilize the interactive program guide and to access VOD. Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are a type of Digital Converter that allows you to pause, record, rewind, and instantly replay live television.