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    High Definition Television FAQs

    In addition to the monthly subscription fee for the package of channels you wish to receive, you will need an HD-capable television to receive channels in High Definition.  "Basic" channels, such as local broadcast stations, can be received without an HD set-top converter.  However, an HD set-top converter is required to receive Expanded Basic HD channels, Digital Basic HD channels, Digital Plus HD channels or HD Ultra channels.

    You will need to subscribe to any MetroCast Digital Package, subscribe to one of our levels of HD service, own either an HD-ready or HD-capable TV set, and have a MetroCast technician install a digital high definition converter. However, if you currently have the DVR converter, you will not have to replace that equipment as it is a Digital converter as well as a High Definition converter.

    No. However, you may need HD equipment to receive all HD channels that are available through MetroCast.

    You can find the channels by viewing your Channel-Lineup here.

    Yes. You will need a High Definition TV set.

    HD-ready sets have the HDTV receiver/decoder built-in and the HD-capable sets still require the external receiver/decoder needed to receive digital broadcasts.