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    Internet FAQs

    Yes.  You may use your own modem and/or wireless router to access your MetroCast Internet service.  For a list of modems that you may purchase from third-party retailers that are compatible with MetroCast Internet services, click here.

    MetroCast provides market-leading Internet speeds, with residential download speeds up to 105 Mbps (75 Mbps in Pennsylvania), far surpassing the national average.  This allows you to stream TV shows and HD movies, download, post and shop--instantly.  You can also save on your smartphone and tablet data plans with our Home WiFi service.  Plus, enjoy MetroCast Internet outside your home with free WiFi hotspots. 

    The MetroCast Acceptable Use Policy sets forth current and commonly found internet service use policies and procedures, including monthly bandwidth usage thresholds. For more information about the policy, click here.