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    Multi-Room DVR FAQs

    Multi-Room DVR from MetroCast enables HD digital video recording and playback in up to three rooms simultaneously.  Record up to 6 shows at once, and pause live TV in every room.

    MetroCast will deploy Pace High Definition digital set top converters matched with a Multi-Room DVR Server. There is no need to buy expensive equipment, because the equipment is leased from MetroCast at an affordable monthly rate.

    Press the B key on your remote control.

    On any TV, simply press the ‘red record’ button for an instant recording of the channel the mDVR converter is tuned to or display the grid guide and use the ‘red record’ button to schedule a future show for recording.

    You can set parental controls on each individual mDVR converter using the ‘Menu’ button or you can set controls on each recorded show when you select it from the My DVR list.

    On the mDVR screen, you can sort the recordings by date, by title, by channel, and by the mDVR converter at which the recording was made. The mDVR screen also creates folders for series recordings when they are sorted by title.

    Yes, you can watch, pause, fast-forward and rewind the recorded show in multiple rooms at the same time.

    Simply ‘Stop’ or ‘Pause’ the playback of the recorded show, move to the other room, find the show on the mDVR screen, and choose ‘Play/Resume’.

    Yes, you can watch a recording-in-progress on a different TV than the one at which you scheduled the recording.

    You cannot display the ‘Guide’ while playing back a recording from the mDVR screen. You can, however, display the ‘Guide’ if you are playing back from the My DVR screen.