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    Wireless Home Networking

    MetroCast Wireless Home Networking allows you to connect wirelessly to the Internet through a special wireless router. This means that you can use your computers to reach the Internet from almost anywhere in your home. Our specially trained technicians will wirelessly connect your computers for a one-time installation charge, and MetroCast will provide full support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    MetroCast will install up to three computers and multiple wireless devices with a Motorola Surfboard DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, which has a built-in 802.11n wireless router.

    If your computer does not support wireless networking, you will need a wireless USB adapter to take advantage of MetroCast’s wireless modem. To determine if your computer supports wireless networking, follow the steps below:  Windows: 

    1. Click on the Start menu in the bottom left hand corner of your monitor. Or, find the My Computer icon on your desktop. 
    2. Right-click on My Computer. Select Manage from the list. 
    3. Select Device Manager on the left-hand side. 
    4. Click the + sign next to Network Adapters. 
    5. If there is any network adapter that says Wireless, you have a wireless adapter and do not need to purchase one. 


    1. Click on the Apple Menu in the top left hand corner of your monitor 
    2. Select System Preferences from the list. 
    3. Click on the Network Icon. 
    4. If Airport is listed, your computer has built-in wireless, and you do not need to purchase a wireless adapter.