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  • Illegal Operations

    How do I fix Illegal Operations?
    An Illegal Operation is an operation requested to be performed by either the Operating System or CPU that is not understood and therefore is Illegal.
    Illegal Operations can be caused by several different factors. Below is a list of the more commonly known reasons for getting Illegal Operations.

    • TSR's or Third party programs causing memory conflictions or other types of conflictions with the program or programs attempting to be run.
    • Data not being read properly from source. Running a program or game with a dirty CD can cause the CD to be read improperly causing Illegal Operations. Floppy diskettes which may contain errors can cause errors.
    • Installing a program or game on a hard disk drive that has errors or is highly fragmented.
    • Corrupt files.
    • Memory managers.
    • Bad, incorrect or not the latest video drivers.
    • Computer Virus.
    • Added hardware
    • Error in program coding
    • Corruption or problem within Windows.
    • Bad Memory, invalid bits or physically bad memory.


    TSR's or Third party programs running in the background are one of the more commonly found reasons for Illegal Operations. If you are receiving a Illegal Operation when attempting to run a game or program it is recommend that you temporarily remove or disable programs running and TSR's running in the background insuring that these programs are not causing your issues.

    Additional Information on how to remove a TSR can be found on document CHTSR.

    If after removing these programs you run the program or game and no longer receive the Illegal Operations it is recommend that you reboot the computer and disable or End Task each program or TSR one at a time to attempt to determine which program is causing the Illegal Operation.