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  • Troubleshoot Internet Connection Issues

    The first thing to do when connection to the internet is lost, is to power cycle all your equipment. If your PC is already on, please shut it down before following the outlined procedure below:

    1. Pull the power cord out of the modem (bottom-most cord on Motorola modems) and leave it out for at least a minute

    2. If you have a router (allows more than 1 PC/MAC to connect to the internet at the same time) you will need to unplug this as well.

    3. Now, plug the power back into the cable modem and wait for 4 solid lights on the front of the unit.

    4. Then plug in router and wait 20 seconds or so as it pulls needed information from the modem.

    5. Lastly, startup the PC/MAC and open a web page that you don't normally go to, verifying you are not just opening saved pages from the internet cache.
    If this procedure does not work, please call Technical Support for further assistance.

    Win 98/ME users
    You may have to open a utility to refresh the connection as it is not automatic.

    1. Click on Start, then Run, and type "winipcfg" in the box. Then click OK

    2. The IP Configuration window will open.

    3. Near the top of the page is a drop-down box, usually PPP Adapter is at the top, click the right side of the box and click on either the ethernet card or usb modem listed.

    4. Now click Release, but NOT Release All button, and the IP Address field should change to

    5. Now click Renew, but NOT Renew All and the IP Address #s will change. If not, you have a PC/networking issue and should call for support.

    MAC users
    The 'normal' way involves the Network preference pane in the System Preferences application.

    1. Click on the "Show" pull-down menu and select either 'Network Port Configurations' or 'Active Network Ports,' depending on whether you're using 10.2 or an earlier version.

    2. Click off the box next to your network port (usually 'Built-In Ethernet,' unless you're using AirPort), then hit 'Apply Now.'

    3. Then click it back on and hit 'Apply Now' again, now it should have renewed the DHCP lease and received an IP address.

    XP/2000 users
    1. To refresh your IP while PC is running:

    2. Click Start, then Run, then type in the box "cmd" and then click OK to open the command-line window.

    3. Next type "ipconfig /release" then hit Enter. The IP address should read

    4. Now type "ipconfig /renew" and hit Enter. Now the IP address should read 65.175.x.x OR 192.168.x.x if you are behind a router.