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  • Ordering Pay-Per-View (PPV)


    Pay-Per-View (PPV) can be ordered at the start of an event or in advance.  There are three ways to select and order a PPV program: 

    1. Using the MENU option of your Program Guide with your MetroCast remote
    2. Using the GUIDE button on your MetroCast remote
    3. Tuning directly to the PPV channels using your MetroCast remote


    Ordering PPV Using the MENU Option

    1. Press  the MENU button on your MetroCast remote revealing the Quick Menu. 
    2. Click on PPV to open the PPV folders 
    3. Select the folder of your choice (By Time, By Title, Events or Adult)
    4. Highlight the program you want to watch and press the BUY button
    5. Press the Exit button to return to watching TV
    6. A reminder is automatically sent when a PPV program is ordered and will appear on your screen when the program is about to begin 


    Please note that an SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition) set-top converter is required to order PPV. Also, Standard Definition (SD) Pay-Per-View programs and High Definition (HD) Pay-Per-View programs are shown on on different channels. You should order the HD version of a PPV program only if you are using a MetroCast HD set-top box.

    To cancel an ordered Pay-Per-View program/event:

    1. Find the program you ordered through the MENU button on your MetroCast remote that will bring up the Quick Menu. 
    2. Click on PPV and press OK/Select on your remote
    3. Highlight the program you purchased. 
    4. Press the BUY button
    5. Scroll down to Don't Order and press OK/Select.
    6. This will cancel your order and you will receive a confirmation screen that says ORDER CANCELLED


    Pay-Per-View Parental Controls

    To prevent unauthorized PPV purchases, you can establish a PIN number within the Interactive Program Guide using your MetroCast set-top converter:

    1. Press the Menu key on the MetroCast remote.  
    2. From the Quick Menu, highlight and select the Parental Controls (Lock icon).
    3. Enter your PIN or follow the Create PIN setup instructions on the screen. Note your PIN for future use.
    4. Highlight and select the Channel Locks option.
    5. Choose all PPV channels by following the instructions on the screen.
    6. Press the Exit button to return to watching TV.  
    7. All channels locked will now require a PIN before purchasing will be allowed.


    For instructions on ordering movies on MetroCast On Demand, click here.