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  • MetroCast's Seasonal Convenience Plan

    Save money by suspending your services while you are away from your part-time residence!

    Do you move with the seasons? Do you travel to warmer weather in the winter or use your home as summer retreat? Then MetroCast has a plan for you. With our Seasonal Convenience Plan MetroCast offers a simple way for you to save money and ensure your services will be on and ready for you whenever you return home.

    • Keep your MetroCast equipment in your home.
    • FREE activation of your services upon your return.
    • NO waiting for an appointment and NO reconnection fees.
    • Keep your MetroCast e-mail addresses and access them from anywhere.
    • You keep your existing MetroCast Digital Voice telephone number.

    The MetroCast Seasonal Convenience Plan is available for enrollment for any homeowner who will be away from their residence for a minimum of 60 consecutive days. Your home must be unoccupied while you are away. We know your time is valuable and once registered, this program does not require a phone call or a visit to a MetroCast Service Center.

    It's that simple. We will do everything for you.

    If you have any equipment that you do not wish to place on the Seasonal Convenience Plan, please return it to a MetroCast Payment Center near you. Standard installation and service fees will apply for any equipment not placed on the plan upon reconnection or upon your return.

    Please note: Remote monitoring of a home alarm system is not supported by the MetroCast Seasonal Convenience Plan. For remote monitoring of your alarm system, your Digital Phone Service must remain active. However, you can still take advantage of the Seasonal Convenience Plan by placing your Video and High Speed Internet service on pause.

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    Video-Internet-Phone Bundles $18.95
    Cable Television $ 1.95
    HD, DVR, or HD/DVR Converter $ 2.95 per converter
    Basic Digital Converter $ 1.95 per converter
    Digital Phone Service (primary line) $14.95 (primary phone number and equipment)
    Digital Phone Service (additional lines) $10.95 (per line for each additional line)
    MetroCast High-Speed Internet Service $ 3.95 (includes equipment)
    *Actual monthly park rate provided is an estimate and once request is processed your final rate will be confirmed with you.