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  • Scan Disk & Defrag - Windows 95/98/ME

    Below is a set of step-by-step instructions on how to defrag your Windows 95/98 or ME PC. Before starting it is recommended to put your cable modem into standby mode (usually a blue button on top) or unplug the power cord of the modem. This will prevent anyone from accessing your PC while you have a minimum of programs running to allow the scandisk/defrag to complete without interruption.

    Next, hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up CloseProgram window. Systray and Explorer are the only programs needed for running the utilities, so highlight all other programs listed and hit End Task to close them. If you use a screensaver, you may want to set it to Blank screen as opposed to a screensaver that pulls images off the hard drive. When only Explorer and Systray are left, you may begin following the steps below.

    1. Double click on My Computer  

    2. Then click on C: drive  

    3. Now right click and go to Properties  

    4. Click on Tools Tab, then Check Now  

    5. Check the Thorough and Automatically Fix errors options then Start. When Scandisk is finished, click Close to exit.  

    6. Next click on Defragment Now   

    7. Now the drive will slowly optimize the hard drive contents  

    8. When it is complete, click Yes to close Disk Defragmenter   

    Now turn your cable modem back on from Standby mode, or plug the power cord in again, then reboot your PC. You may even notice improvements in system performance or even in the time it takes to startup.

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