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  • Scan Disk & Defrag - Windows NT

    Below is a set of step-by-step instructions on how to defrag your Windows NT PC. Before starting it is recommended to put your cable modem into standby mode (usually a blue button on top) or unplug the power cord of the modem. This will prevent anyone accessing your PC while you have a minimum of programs running to allow the scandisk/defrag to complete without interruption.

    Also, if you have a screensaver enabled, this process may be delayed if the images are pulled off the drive, OR if the pictures change frequently as the drive contents will be seen by the programs as having changed. We suggest changing your screensaver to a blank screen.

    This is an involved process, but it is very clearly stated how to perform these tasks.
    So let's get started.
    1. First, double click My Computer  

    2. Next, click on C: to highlight it  

    3. Now right click and go to Properties  

    4. Here, we need to click the Tools tab, then Check Now  

    5. Check both disk options, then Start  

    6. This screen will popup stating it can't disk check at this time, allow the scan to occur on next boot by clicking Yes  

    Now reboot your PC, and the scandisk will kick in before Windows has fully booted. Let the process complete on its own, and the PC will finish booting after it is complete.

    Now to Defrag
    1. Open My Computer, then select C:  

    2. Now right click then Properties  

    3. Click on the Tools tab. If it says "No defragmentation tool is currently installed", don't be worried, as NT never had a built in Defragmentation utility.

    4. Open Internet Explorer, and go to to open the download page for a free defragmenting utility as shown below.

    5. Now click on a download link, and save  

    6. Select to save to your desktop, then click Save  

    7. Doubleclick the DKLite icon to start the installation process and click Next

    8. Click Next to install to the default directory  

    9. Click Next to continue  

    10. Here, click "I accept the terms in the license agreement" then Next

    11. Now, you can change the directory where the installation will be located, or stay with default, then click Next  

    12. Click Install here  

    13. Click Finish to end the installation process.  

    14. Time now to reboot after the install. Don't worry, we are almost there.

    15. Upon reboot and after logging in, locate the Diskeeper Lite icon. Now double click to open the program.  

    16. Here is where the fun begins. Click on the X to close the window/splash screen.  

    17. Click on C:, then click on Analyze  

    18. When the analysis is complete, follow the advice to defrag if it is recommended to do so. Click Ok to close window.  

    19. To start defragging, click Defragment Now  

    20. The defrag process is done now. Click OK to close screen, and you can close the program out completely at this time.  

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