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  • Scan Disk & Defrag - Windows 2000/XP

    Below is a set of step-by-step instructions on how to defrag your Windows 2000 or XP PC. Before starting it is recommended to put your cable modem into standby mode (usually a blue button on top) or unplug the power cord of the modem. This will prevent anyone from accessing your PC while you have a minimum of programs running to allow the scandisk/defrag to complete without interruption. Next close out any background programs near the clock on the taskbar by opening the program and shutting it down, or right click and close from the menu in the icon itself.

    Also, if you have a screensaver enabled, this process may be delayed if the images are pulled off the drive, OR if the pictures change frequently as the drive contents will be seen by the programs as having changed. Selecting Blank screen will be the best option while running these programs.

    1. First, click on Start then My Computer  

    2. Now click once on C: to highlight it  

    3. Now right click, and go to Properties  

    4. This screen shows your drive size and how much is available  

    5. Click on Tools tab, then Check Now  

    6. Check both disk options, then Start  

    7. This window pops up stating it cannot scan at this time, click Yes to allow the scan to occur on next boot  

    8. It is suggested to reboot, allowing the scandisk to run before running Defrag, but it is a personal choice. The next step is to click Defragment Now

    9. Select C: by clicking on it, then click Analyze  

    10. The analyzer will notify you if the drive needs to be defragged or not. Now click Defragment  

    11. When the defragmenter is finished, click Close to exit the utility

    Now is the time to activate/plug in your cable modem and make sure all the lights that are on it show as solid lights. After the modem is running and lighted properly, restart your PC to re-enable the programs you closed out to run the scandisk and defrag utilities.

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