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  • Windows Mail 6 Setup

    1. Select the File tab at upper left.
    2. Click the Add button. This will display the different account type that can be added.
    3. Select the E-mail Account option. Click the Next button.
    4. Under User Information:
      1. In the Your Name field, enter your name as you wish it to be displayed.
      2. In the E-Mail Address Field, enter your MetroCast email address (for example; user@[state]
      3. Click the Next button.
    5. Under Set up e-mail servers
      1. Incoming e-mail server type should be POP3
      2. Set Incoming Mail Server to pop.[state]
      3. Set Outgoing Mail Server to smtp.[state]
      4. Do NOT select "Outgoing server requires authentication"
      5. Click the Next button.
    6. Under Internet Mail Logon
      1. Set E-mail Username to your MetroCast email address (for example; user@[state]
      2. Set Password to your MetroCast email password.
      3. Click the Next button.
    7. At this point, you are finished setting up your email. Click the Finish button.